10 Best Indonesian food

10 Best Indonesian food

1 Meatball ( bakso)

Meatball is one of the typical Indonesian food that will shake the tongue JBers when tasted. Although in other countries there is a meatball menu that is known as meatball, but the way of presentation is of course different. Meatballs that exist only in Indonesia is Malang meatballs and grilled meatballs. Who is not familiar with Malang meatballs? Meatball Malang is served with hot broth sauce, can be accompanied by noodles or vermicelli, dumplings, fried foods, and vegetables are also provided a variety, ranging from cabbage, cabbage, or lettuce. In addition to Malang meatballs, grilled meatballs are also one of the typical food Malang city. Bakso bakar is processed by burning on the charcoal and sprinkled with special spices

2. soto

Soto is one of the typical Indonesian food served with gravy and filled with meat, vegetables and various spices. Uniquely, soup in Indonesia has various types in accordance with the region. For example, there is a special soto Kudus Kudus city, Bandung soto, soto Betawi, soto Madura and others. One of the mainstay menu is soto Betawi typical of Jakarta. Soto Betawi itself is not like other soto. It has a yellowish white sauce because it is colored with coconut milk. About meat used, soto betawi can be served with beef, goat or chicken. Soto Betawi will also be formulated with scallions and fried onions and served with chips crackers that should not be missed.

3. rendang

Rendang is a meat-based menu that is processed with various spices such as coriander, turmeric and various other kitchen spices. Rendang is a typical menu of Padang rich flavor and very legit. It seems to tend to be salty, with thick sauce attached because the spices are also used a lot. Usually the meat is tender and leave a delicious taste on the tongue when eaten with warm rice.

4. Pempek

Pempek is a typical menu of Palembang. Pempek is made from basic ingredients of fish that are processed with flour with various unique shapes. There are so-called submarines, lenjer, and others. Usually this pempek will be eaten with a watery sauce made from vinegar and sugar sauce. In addition, there are additional noodles and pickles in it. When eaten, JBers tongue will really be pampered because there is a savory taste, sweet, sour and salty as well.


One of the typical Indonesian menu that should not be missed is gudeg typical Jogja. Gudeg menu is a blend of young jackfruit vegetables cooked with coconut milk and brown sugar. Gudeg also served with a complement of various side dishes such as fried chicken, fried tempeh, boiled eggs to cowhide skin crackers. Guged has a distinctive taste of Jogja, which is tend to be sweet and legit. Gudeg this will feel complete when eaten with warm rice.


When it comes to fried foods, almost all regions in Indonesia have their own unique fried food. There are tempe fried temps called Mendoan or tempe menjes typical Purwokerto. Then there are also typical Bandung bananas, fried bananas, sweet potato fries, heci or bakwan sayur, cireng and so forth. How to enjoy these hot fried also varied. Some use red chili, some are using green chilli, chili sauce / chilli or sambal petis.

7. opor

Opor chicken is a menu based chicken, potatoes, eggs and gravy bersantan. Opor is usually served with ketupat in Ramadan. The gravy is thick with a sprinkling of fried shallots, with a touch of coriander taste, turmeric and coconut milk are typical and make miss. This menu is not second to none, and will make JBers miss who is wandering in the country people.

8. rawon

Rawon menu is one of the typical Indonesian food that comes from East Java. Rawon relies on 2 main ingredients, namely kluwek / keluwak / kluak and beef. Kluwek / kedwak / kluak tadilah which will lead to raw black color rawon. Coupled with other seasonings are quite kick like onion, coriander, spring onion, and lemongrass, rawon will feel delicious when eaten with warm rice

9. fried rice / nasi goreng

This one menu may exist in some other countries. So what's special? When fried rice is a menu that generally exist in restaurants, in Indonesia fried rice is also one of the savings menu for boarding children. Surely you who have felt the children of boarding house will remember the times where there are brothers of fried rice vendors peddling fried rice with a cart. Seasoning fried rice in Indonesia also has a distinctive taste, unlike other countries. I have never set foot in the country people, still can not find fried rice tasty ala the brothers of Indonesia.

10  gado-gado

gado-gado that contains mixed pieces of vegetables such as lettuce, carrots, potatoes, corn, cucumber spinach, tomatoes and sprouts is called Javanese Salad (Salad Jawa) by foreigners. Perhaps because of its contents consisting of various kinds of vegetables. In addition to vegetables, this typical Indonesian food can also be mixed with lontong pieces, tempeh and tofu. When a western salad is accompanied with mayonnaise spices, these gado-gado are doused with peanut sauce and served with crackers

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