10 Places of Tourism of Portugal

10 Places of Tourism of Portugal

1. Posh Porto

Porto is the second largest city in Portugal. Arriving there you can visit Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art designed by Alavaro Siza. The museum contains works of international contemporary art. For art lovers must come at this museum because international exhibitions are often held here. There is also Hause of Music, here you can relax listening to various types of music. The beaches in Porto are equally exciting. Facilities like small tents for relaxing and changing rooms are provided free of charge. Around the beach there are shops selling typical portugal accessories at bargain prices. There is also Torre Dos Clerigosm, a 70-meter tower located in downtown Porto.

2. Mount Estrela or Serra Da Estrala

The height of Estrela mountain is 1993 meters. You can climb this mountain if the central government allows it. There is a lake formed from a basin that gradually fills with rain. You can enjoy the fresh water.

3. Martinhal Beach

A beautiful white sandy beach to visit. Relax while enjoying the clear sea view and in the middle of the sea there is a large rock. You can cross it and climb the rock because the stone is not too high. Usually the tourists will jump from the rock to the sea but must ensure that the sea will be jumped safely from the towering stone. In addition to swimming, surf sports can also be done.
At Marinhal Beach there is a five-star hotel facing directly to the sea and the atmosphere of the hotel is made like being in the overgrown countryside. This place is great for honeymooners.

4. Vicentin Beach

The trip to the beach is not too difficult. During summer this beach is crowded by tourists. Vicentin Beach offers beautiful scenery with rocky cliffs eroded by waves, as if the waves had painted on this rock. Curiosity will be paid with satisfaction when arriving at this beach. If you want to linger on this beach you can stay at the hotel available with full facilities. Tentunnya with a hotel room overlooking the sea. Or if the night comes you can watch the food accompanied by music and dance.

5. Marvao

Marvao is a village that stands on a hill with an altitude of 900 meters above sea level. Its building style adopted the medieval building style. The village of Marvao has a castle built in the 13th century. Truly unique village. Arrive in the village of Marvao you can see the vast country of Portugal, Spain and mount Estrela while enjoying the food made by the residents of Marvao. The village offers different tours.

6. Nazare Beach

This beach has big waves and noisy. The tourists are prohibited from bathing and swimming in this beach. On this beautiful beach you can take a walk around the beach and relax. On February 2, 2014, Portugal experienced bad weather. The 6-meter-high waves hit two villages on the coast. Waves and terrible winds. In the calm time this beach is beautiful but there are times when these waves become noisy and dangerous.

7. Balmonte

Balmonte is a fortress built in the 13th century located in the town of Belmonte. The town of Belmonte is inhabited by Jews. If you want to enjoy the medieval atmosphere, visit Bexia Berera. This fortress is the gateway in this small town.

8. Azores

The astonishing Azores, the island was formed by a volcanic eruption several hundred years ago. This eruption formed nine islands around the Azores. You must visit this place. The most famous is the island of Islet Villa Franka do Campo. The island offers views of the lagoon, lake, and sea. You can see the attractions of wild dolphins and whales in the sea. In the Azores there is a lake with a perfect circular shape that connects directly to the sea. It is this Baqute Pass that connects the lake to the sea. To get to this island you have to rent a boat. You can enjoy the island of Azores with sunbathing, bereneng, diving and snorkeling. A few years ago the international sport was held here namely Red Bull Cliff Diving.

9. Madeira

Madeira is an island dominated by forests, flora, fauna, and mountains. This place is suitable for you who love hiking sport. The forest of Luurisilva has large forests and rich ecosystems, this forest has been included in the UNESCO world heritage list. To the north of Madeira you can swim in a volcanic salt water pool from Porto Moniz.

The beaches on this island are also not less interesting. Here can see dolphins, whales and diving. The island is not suitable for children because the beach here does not have fine sand but krikil.
If less satisfied to visit this place Funchal City can be an alternative. The city offers different sights. Most indigenous people still retain their culture. You can buy typical accessories of this island and see the sights if it rises from the city of Funchal.
The island has an art museum namely Casa Das Mudas in Calheta.

10. Sintra

Above the city of Sintra there is the castle Palacio National da Pena which is included in the list of UNESCO world heritage sites. The castle offers romantic tours through a blend of building design between neo Gothic, neo-Islamic, Neo-Manueline and Neo-Renaissancce. Goods in the form of paintings, tableware, and others are still well maintained today. Absolutely amazing. There are still some castles that are not less beautiful that is Castelo Dos Mauros built in the 8-9 century. The building is made of stone is still sturdy and majestic. Above this kasti can see the city of Sitra as a whole.

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