9 Beautiful Beach at GunungKidul Yogyakarta

9 Beautiful Beach at GunungKidul Yogyakarta
1.Baron Baron

Baron Beach is located in Gunung Kidul Regency, where travelers must pay entrance fee of IDR 5.000, - / person, and will be charged for car or motorcycle for IDR 1,000, - to IDR 2,500, -. Baron Beach presents a panoramic view of the beauty of the beach is very fascinating. The visitors who come can spend their time by playing sea water and can also swim in the beach with the depth of shallow sea water.
In addition, the visitors of Baron Beach also do not have to worry about dragged the waves, because the manager has to give a mark of dividing to mark which areas are safe to visit. The waves on the Baron Beach is quite large and perfect to be used as a spot for surfing.

2. Drini Beach

Drini Beach is located in Banjarejo Village, Tanjungsari District, Gunungkidul. In the middle of the beach there is a small island that seems to make this Drini Beach split into two parts. On the east side of the beach there are rows of cliffs that block the waves combined with the beauty of coral islands. Sea water in Drini Beach is calm so that the tourists can be free to swim safely. While on the west side there are ranks of boat trained of the fishermen used to find fish.
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3. Sadranan Beach
Sadranan beach is one of the best spots for snorkeling in Java Island. In the area of ??Sadranan Beach there is a rental place known as 'Sadranan Snorkeling', where the place already provides a variety of equipment and snorkeling equipment. Sadranan beach is home to some interesting marine species such as Lepu, Kerondong, Botana Kuning, Kepe - kepe, Areng - areng, Neon Fish, and many other species. It is recommended for visitors who want to snorkel at Sadranan Beach, preferably in the morning, noon, or afternoon before sunset.

4. Ngobaran Beach
Ngobaran Beach is a beach that has a strong mystical story, where the story tells about Prabu Brawijaya V. This beach is routinely used as a place or location to conduct activities of traditional ceremonies surrounding communities. In addition Ngobaran Beach is the best spot for offering the beauty of Bukit Karang, Temple of Worship, and Statue of God. In addition there are also typical culinary food from the beach that is fried sea urchin that must be tasted.

5. Siung Beach

Siung Beach is the only beach in Jogja that has a terrain for rock climbing. Siung Beach presents scenic beauty with panoramic views of the giant coral reef that stands firmly on the east and west side of the beach. Currently Siung Beach has 250 climbing routes with varying degrees of difficulty. Even this beach gets Even This beach gets the nickname "The Best Rock Climbing Site in Jogja". Even from the top of the rocks, tourists can enjoy stunning views of the sea.

6. Jogan Beach
Jogan Beach is one type of beach that has a waterfall decorated with limestone cliffs. Waterfall on this beach immediately fell from the cliff directly into the sea. Here, besides enjoying the beautiful beaches and the waves. You can also enjoy a splash of fresh waterfalls. Unfortunately Jogan Beach is still not much visited by tourists.

7. Krakal Beach
Krakal Beach is one of the beach resorts that have white sand and coral rocks In the area of Krakal Beach is ppara visitors can enjoy the beautiful views of the stunning coast by walking down the coast. Coral rocks on the lips of Krakal Beach is home to marine life such as fish damselfish, butterfly fish, starfish, and other fish. In addition, Krakal Beach has a large wave and is suitable for use as a spot for surfing.

8. Indrayanti Beach
Indrayanti Beach is actually better known by the name of Pulsa Beach or Pulang Sawal. Indrayanti beach includes a very clean beach compared to other b beaches in Gunung Kidul. Indrayanti Beach is also often used as a place for water sports like main jet sky, play water, or just sit - sit back in the gazebo is already available around the beach.

9. Glagah Beach

Glagah Beach is very unique with a sloping coastal beach surface and flat. There is even a rocky cliff that stands firmly in the coastal area with its charming white sand. Many things can be done when visiting the location of this Glagah Beach like playing water or swimming, and just sit - just sit back on the coast. There is a very famous lagoon within 300 meters of the pier that can be visited by tourists.

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